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LAN Party Hotness x2

The last few weeks have been full of PC gaming fun for us here at Sunken Treasures. Last Friday we went over to our friend Scott’s, who invited us TeamHoward kids over to his place for an evening of well mannered FPS death and destruction.

Festivities started with an hour or so of Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. While my overall score wasn’t so hot, I had quite a few awesome kills by shooting wooden boats at people with the gravity gun. Kills by boat are surprisingly satisfying- especially when the person on the receiving end of the boat shoots a “WTF!?” look in my direction. Hehe, yes, it is quite satisfying.

Next we played Madballs in…Babo:Invasion. It is actually a spiritual successor to BaboViolent 2, a game I have been LOVING lately. The difference between these two games is that Madballs is more 45° top view (does that make sense?) instead of completely top down view, and instead of a random sphere you play one of the set character balls. The game is incredibly fast paced and the levels are infinitely more in depth and detailed. Sadly, my weak tummy couldn’t handle more than about 10 minutes of Madball awesomeness, so I had to quit early. Personally, I prefer BaboViolent 2, but Madballs is definitely worth checking out.

Team Fortress 2 was next in line and oh wow has it been a while since I last played it. It took me longer than I would have liked to remember how to play the game and the layouts of the maps. At one point, I just sat back with the Sniper and took out players on their way to Control Point C. I also had an awesome Pyro duel with a friend who was trying to protect the Control Point I was attempting to capture. I lost due to my overexcited-ness and accidentally pulled out my axe, but it was a good fight.

Lastly, we played SourceForts a “capture the flag” mod for Half-Life 2. At the beginning of each round, both teams build forts using different size blocks to help shield your base from the other team. A favorite strategy of my friends is to build “sky bridges”- tall structures that are built into the air far above the opposing teams defenses. The only problem with this tactic is that it’s easy to get in to the other teams base but not so much out. It makes escaping with the captured flag quite… interesting. The whole game itself is a neat take on the traditional “capture the flag” game.

The night was a success, if not for all the fun games that were played, but for the one or two times someone shouted a slightly angry “KnittedFox!” after I got a kill.

Last night we had a few friends over for Sins of a Solar Empire. It’s probably my favorite RTS game even though we usually never finish our games because it takes soooooo long to complete. We played 5v5 and unfortunately the computer didn’t distribute us evenly throughout the galaxy so Scott was sadly outnumbered in his star system and took quite a beating beating before we could get to his galaxy to help him. On a more positive note, I researched “worm hole navigation” for the first time ever to help out Scott so that was cool. I had quite a fleet built up of small ships which I was very proud of. One thing we always do when we play Sins is name our planets, asteroids, ships, etc. according to a certain theme. One of our friends themed everything after Russia: his capital planet was “Moscow” and then named his other planets after different cities throughout Russia. TheCherneymin named his after various Gundam ships, and I named everything after my cat Rinoa.

Since we had a rocky start with Sins, we decided to play something not so hardcore and played a few levels of Left 4 Dead. This is another game we haven’t played in quite a while, but got back into the groove a lot faster than we did with TF2. After going through one campaign successfully, we decided to call it a night.

Two LAN parties in two weeks excites me greatly and I hope to see more of them throughout the summer.

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