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Baseball, Whales, and Verboseness

gv01This weekend was a perfect weekend for games. TheCherneymin, his parents, nephew (Kartman), and myself went to Seattle for Friday and Saturday’s Mariner’s games against the Red Sox. This would account for the quiet website over the last few days. Vacations are a great time for gaming, I think. Late nights spent at the hotel staying up playing games is something theCherneymin and I love to do. And with Kartman there we had even more gaming fun!

Before we left for the trip we bought Kartman a copy of Dragon Quest IX so we could all play together. The drive up gave him a great opportunity to catch up to us as far as story and leveling goes. We had some time to spare before we had to leave the hotel for the first game, so the three of us played multiplayer for an hour or so. TheCherneymin and Kartman hopped into my game so we could help level up one of my party members.


The main story of DQ IX focus’s (so far) entirely on the main character. The rest of the party are people you pick up in a pub (my thoughts drift to Neverwinter Nights). One of the NPC’s at the pub lets you choose already randomly created people to join your party, or you can create and customize your own party members. At the beginning I only created two characters instead of three, so when I got around to creating my third party member she was about 18 levels behind the rest of my party. With theCherneymin and Kartman’s help, I was able to get her to level 13 in no time!

One of the earlier dungeons has metal slimes in it. Metal slimes = tons of experience. They only have 4HP, but you can only deal 1 to 2 points of damage to them at a time. Metal slimes love to “flee” too, so it can be a challenge to finish them off. But once you do, you revel in the 1000+ experience points you gain from them. We LOVE metal slimes!

We also love Dragon Quest IX’s amazing tag mode. If you have your DS with the game in tag mode and walk by someone who also has the game on in tag mode, the DS do their magic thing and the other person’s character shows up in your pub as an NPC. If either of you have treasure maps, those are also traded. Coincidentally, there is a thread on the PAX 2010 forum organizing a big meet-up at PAX so people can tag each other. We plan on being there!

Since Nintendo partially owns the Seattle Mariners and fully support the DS at the stadium, all three of us brought our DS’s on tag mode in hopes of tagging someone there. Sadly, we didn’t tag a single person. But the games were awesome which make up for that. The Mariner’s lost Friday’s game and won Saturday’s game.


Both games were exciting and lively. Let me tell you: Red Sox fans are some of the most enthusiastic baseball fans I have ever seen. It seemed like 40% of the crowd was cheering for Boston. We were surrounded by them both games. We all had fun teasing each other and cheering for our teams very loudly.

By the end of the weekend we were pretty tired from all the cheering and walking that was had in Seattle. What better way to relax than fighting a ginormous whale boss? It was a pretty epic and humorous battle as an NPC named, Jona, was swallowed up by the whale. Get it? Jona inside the whale? I got a good giggle out of it.

Next up in DQ IX is a dungeon with more metal slimes. Three metal slimes stacked up on top of each other. Do you know what that means?! Three times the experience! Now I just need to bust my butt over there so I can partake in the experience extravaganza!

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  1. I had a TON of fun playing, and am really looking forward to the PAX meetup! It’s going to be such a blast!

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