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Limbo! — Complete

This Sunday Sarah and I sat down to blast through Limbo, the exciting and stylistic new puzzle/platformer for XBOX Live! Arcade. Having tried to read through Dante’s Divine Comedy in the 9th grade, I consider myself able to judge this purgatory of a videogame just as well as the next guy (who also tried to read Dante’s Divine Comedy and failed).

As you can see in the trailer above, Limbo takes a very unique, minimalistic approach when it comes to the visuals. This incredibly dark look makes for some pretty tense sequences (damn you giant spider!) where you’re constantly second guessing whether or not it’s safe to advance. Developer Playdead does a great job of utilizing the limited color palette to help guide the player through some of the more complex puzzles you encounter. In most cases, if something is important, they’ve made sure to make it stand out. This “everything you notice, you’re probably meant to notice” approach to game design really reminds me of Valve’s work, which is always a good thing.

Of course, while the visuals and overall experience are splendid, the game isn’t necessarily perfect. If you don’t know anything about the plot going into the game, which I didn’t, they don’t make any effort to catch you up. Apparently the game is about traveling through a bleak world, Limbo, to save your sister, but from start to finish there’s no mention of this in any shape or form. That said, certain scenes where you see/encounter the main character’s sister left me kind of scratching my head. The game does an excellent job of getting across the intense emotions it’s trying to induce, but when it comes to a plot, just don’t expect too much. Limbo is all about the experience and puzzles anyways, so it doesn’t really hurt it in the end.

While there isn’t a whole lot of replayability in Limbo, there are a handful of easter eggs to be found, including a few avatar items which is always a pleasant treat. I personally can’t see myself playing through the game again short of showing a friend, but I’m okay with that. Limbo is a relatively short, linear game, but also very original — definitely one that will stick with you. I wholeheartedly recommend it, and encourage you to check it out as well!

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  1. For me, being the type of person who gets scared very easily, this game was really creepy.

    I wish we would have known to read the game description so we knew the story behind it. There was that one scene where we saw that girl briefly, so I figured we were looking for her.

    Limbo is definitely one of those games you “experience” which is great. I’m happy we played it!

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