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Game Handles – A Detailed History and a New Beginning

? ? ?Something that’s always fascinated me throughout my years of multiplayer gaming, is the selection of game handles. For some people it’s a very nonchalant decision, as simple as typing in the first word that comes to mind, but for others it’s a painstaking process that bears some pretty hefty consideration. Nowadays I fall into the latter of the two camps, having only had 4 handles since 1995; but when it all started the decisions came pretty easily.

My first handle came about in late ’95, early ’96. My dad had always been ahead of the curve when it came to computers, and in 1993 when he purchased multiple computers for the family, it kind of left us all scratching our heads. I didn’t even know you could play with other people at the time!

Initially, games like Doom and Heretic didn’t offer the ability to input a handle before a match — you were just Player 1, 2, 3, or 4. But in 1996, with our love of LAN gaming in full swing, a little game called Duke Nukem 3D came out, and when I loaded up the setup program to start a network game, for the very first time I was asked to input a “Player Name” using 10 characters or less.

I was 12 years old at the time, and pretty heavily invested in comic books – so the first thing that came to mind was my favorite X-Man, Bishop.

The Last X-Man

Bishop (January 1996 – June 1996)

Bishop didn’t last long though, in part because I was a fickle young man, but also because of iD Software’s Quake. With this new game came the ability to enter in a longer handle, and since one of my favorite movies at the time was Sylvester Stallone’s Demolition Man, DemolitionMan seemed to fit the bill.

DemolitionMan - The Username - The Movie

DemolitionMan (June 1996 – December 1998)

DemolitionMan was my go to handle for first person shooters for quite some time. Occasionally, when I’d play a game that couldn’t fit the 13 character name, I’d revert back to Bishop (as was the case with the original Diablo), but it wasn’t until Half-Life came out that I thought it was time for another change. This time, another X-Man, but one with far cooler letters in his name, WeaponX!


WeaponX (December 1998 – February 2003)

I used WeaponX not only as my gaming handle, but as the internet evolved, my user name for websites and my alias for Half-Life mod development. The name treated me well, but after I graduated high school and moved out, I didn’t really have money for comic books, so my interest dwindled. I was searching for a new handle to use, thinking back to all of the late night gaming sessions I used to have with friends at my parent’s house, and one particular game kept popping up — Myth, a real-time tactics game by Bungie that came out in the late 90’s.

One of my favorite units in Myth was called the Journeyman, a healer unit that would often times find himself the sole survivor of the game’s wonderfully bloody battles. As I ran my Journeyman into the surrounding wilderness, my opponents hot on his trail, one of my friend’s called out, “Come back here Cherneymin!” combining my last name with the unit he so desperately sought to destroy. I liked it, and stuck with it until this very post.

Myth -- Cherney + Journeyman = Cherneymin

theCherneymin (February 2003 – August 2010)

And with that, after 7+ years of use, I’m set to retire my longest lasting gamer tag. Times have changed, and so have my gaming habits and interests. Plus I’m tired of having part of my real name associated with my gaming. So without trying to make this sound like an “announcement” that’s relevant to anybody other than myself, I went ahead and decided on a new gaming handle; one which will hopefully treat me as well as my others have throughout all these years: MoosiferX. Combining my love of Dragon Quest monster names/puns, with a little nod to a past handle, here’s to hoping for 7 more amazing years!


MoosiferX (August 2010 – ?)

How did you come up with your gamer tag? Is it something that just stuck with you? Do you change it every month? Have you changed it ever? We here at Sunken Treasures Games would love to hear about it in the comments below!

5 Responses to “Game Handles – A Detailed History and a New Beginning”

  1. Hehehe, Moosifer gives me the giggles. I really like it. ^_^b

    Over the course of the years, I have had three: Foxylady, Bellalicious (only on Final Fantasy XI because Foxylady was already taken), and KnittedFox.

    KnittedFox, I think, is very unique and I would like it to stick around as my handle for a long time. It is a combination of my first handle, and my love for knitting (since you’ll find me knitting when I’m not playing games). 😀

  2. I also had a fickle time with handles, I have only used two & my first one truly abysmal I still try to ask 1up to please change it & some how Toast was able to change his! I’ve growned to attached to my handle though, I think I’ll be GeorgieBoysAXE for a long time…

  3. The first handle that I really tried to adopt was suicideking, back when I first created a 1up profile page. At that time I was still pretty new to gaming online, or anything online for that matter. It came from my backyard wrestling days (yes, I did backyard wrestling…) when I was in a tag team called The Suicide Kings. Well, the name didn’t last too long, seeing as how it could possibly be construed as offensive to some people.

    I also used Chiodos for many years on FFXI, even though I was horrible at the game, I still liked the name. I plan on naming my character in FFXIV the same name, even though they have stupid surnames now. Right now I’m leaning towards Chiodos Kujata, which was my server on FFXI.

    My favorite handle was DestroyedToast during the Xbox 1 days, but sadly I let the membership lapse and the name was unusable after that. So I took the name YummyBurntToast on the 360. No real history to the name, it just sounded funny at the time. Since that day, I’ve tried to use Toast in my other online functions, such as PPR and other ventures.

  4. Nice all around.

    To me, first gaming handles feel like the equivalent of a doodle you drew on your binder in middle school. That skull w/ the dagger stabbed in it’s eye and the flames behind it may have seemed pretty awesome at first, but then you look at it a year later and you’re like, what the eff?

    Also, backyard wrestling Andrew? Hahaha, amazing!

  5. Your handles really have felt like a mark on different eras of our lives. Especially when we were younger and we were around each other so much playing a ridiculous amount of games. Another name change from you will take some getting used to!

    As for myself, I’ve been Crazyhowie for so long, I don’t even remember what I used before it. Back when I played Warcraft 2 or in my early Starcraft days maybe, I recall something with the word “Shadow” in it, but I can’t remember the full name. This handle has become too deeply ingrained into who I am, that I can’t find myself ever changing it… I’ll stoop to adding numbers to it if it is already taken, which isn’t too often, but it does happen = (.

    I’ve become comfortable altering it for certain situations though, or if I use multiple characters in a game, they can’t all be Crazyhowies. For example, I’ll use Sexyhowie for the women avatars or Stabbyhowie for a rogue. The general rule of thumb for altering my handle is using an adjective that ends with a ‘y’ and is followed by howie. I basically use adjectives that can describe my mood, so while most of the time I’m feeling Crazy, I sometimes can feel Sexy or Stabby as well.

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