Sunken Treasures Games

About The Store

Hey there! Aaron and Sarah Cherney, reporting in! We’re the ones behind Sunken Treasures Games, a retro/vintage video game store in Richland, Washington. When we’re not running the store, we’re playing every game we can get our hands on. In addition we’re happy to supply our customers with anime, figures, CCGs (Magic, Card Fight!! Vanguard, WeiB Schwarz, etc.) and a comfortable place to play said card games. Come check us out sometime! ^_^


You can find us at:

Sunken Treasures Games
1341 B George Washington Way
Richland WA 99354

(509) 943-4564



This website started from a one page, front and back, newsletter to help introduce and recommend games to our customers. The newsletter was a fun little pet project, but after a few issues, we realized we had more ideas than what would fit on one page. So the Sunken Treasures Games website was created to help us get our creative juices out and reach a bigger audience. We also use it as a blog to talk about the games we are playing, podcasts we listen to, and anything fun that comes through the store.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail us at!

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