Sunken Treasures Games

THIS JUST IN! November 2017 Edition

Pokemon and kitty cat capsules.

Tracer, Emilia, and Ram Nendoroids.

Sailor Moon capsules.

ENGLISH “Accel World Infinite” Weiss Schwarz booster packs & boxes.

“LoveLive Sunshine” & “Kemono Friends” Japanese Weiss Schwarz Trial Decks.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion” & “Is The Order A Rabbit” card sleeves.

Dragon Quest “Hana Fuda” card sets, magnets, and mini string bags.

PC Big Box Heaven!

Here’s a happy way to start the week: a huge pile PC gaming nostalgia!

And for a bonus pic, here’s some #pcgamer discs we remember from when we were younger. Always a delight to see these little guys. Any old school PCG subscribers out there?

Come in and tell us your favorite pc gaming memory for a 20% discount on your purchase of used games, anime, and manga today.

What’cha playing?

In a perfect world, we here at STG would be at home playing games. Instead we’ll play with figures~ like these amazing Legend of Zelda ones, dreaming of fighting monsters and grinding that EXP. What are your gaming goals this weekend? Sarah would be playing Dragon Quest VIII on the 3DS, and Aaron would be playing Rocket Slime on the Original DS.

TODAY ONLY: all in stock Weiss Schwarz booster boxes are Buy Two Get One 50% off, and all trial decks are $14.99! It’s card night tonight so join us for the fun!!

Nintendo 64 Games~~

Some new N64 games came in today! Check out these and all our other games in store.

Mario Odyssey In Stock!

Happy Mario Odyssey Day everyone!
We have four copies in stock and ready to jump into your system!!

Neko Atsume Ichiban Kuji is in stock!

The NekoAtsume ICHIBAN KUJI has started! The prizes are: coasters, journal/sticker sets, hand towels, cups, keychains, and TWO Tubbs plushies!! Tickets are $9.99+tax each and each ticket is a winner!! Come on down and snag your prize before Tubbs eats them all!!

Nintendo Handhelds!

Some Nintendo handhelds for your weekend gaming pleasure. Aren’t they beautiful? Which one is your favorite?

Weiss Schwarz Wednesday!

It’s Weiss Schwarz card night! Come join us for free tutorials and lots of games!

Wrestling Figures!

Just revamped our section of wrestling merchandise and it looks pretty sweet! Come check it out!