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This Just In! ~ Mid January GET!

Today’s edition of “This Just In” features a few random shipments that we received today, full of goodies for the masses! We love days like today when our shipments all hit at once. Makes for a productive afternoon. ^_^


As huge fans of Star Trek (both TOS and TNG), we were pretty stoked about the Star Trek Deckbuilding Game. Deckbuilding games like our Resident Evil one, and the incredible Tanto Cuore have quickly become some of our favorite types of games. We also restocked/received some excellent new Weiss Schwarz sets like Macross Frontier, Fate/Zero, the brand new Milky Holmes 2 and more Sword Art Online Trial Decks.


Restocked our Yakuza: Dead Souls and Black Ops II! Yakuza: Dead Souls was one of our favorite games from last year, so we’re always happy to keep it in stock and spread the word! ♥


We added 20 different new sleeves to our ever growing “Wall-O-Sleeves” including sleeves for the various guilds in the upcoming Magic the Gathering set: Gatecrash (which we’ll be featuring in a big Gatecrash post in the near future). As far as imported sleeves go, we received sleeves for the following: Milky Holmes, Madoka, Shining Blade, Nanoha, Melty Blood, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, K-ON!, and Accel World.


Some legit actual metal, heavy duty Metal Slimes from Dragon Quest. Purchase one before they flee! (HUR HUR HURR…)


Some Sword Art Online mouse pads – we also have some SAO coaster on the way! I haven’t checked out this show yet, but there’s plenty of buzz about it at our store. It’s written by the same fellow who did Accel World, so that’s a plus in my book!

Until next time, see you at the store!

This Just In! ~ WeissFight!! Wednesday Thingies

Hey there peoples! We got a few shipments of merchandise that should be fun for those attending tonight’s WeissFight!! Wednesday Night. Plenty of awesome stuff to go around. ^_^

New Weiss Schwarz sets available NOW!

Received a plethora of new Weiss Schwarz sets including Little Busters, Nanoha, Angel Beats/Kud Wafter, Bakemonogatari, Persona 4 Trial Decks, and more!


Our new slatwall setup is loaded with tons of sleeves, including some great new Final Fantasy related sleeves.

Persona 4 2013 Calenders

Some amazing Persona 4 2013 wall calenders. Great artwork!


Shinjis as far as the eye can see. O.O

Come check everything out tonight during WeissFight!! Wednesday Night (6 p.m.-9 p.m.). New to Weiss Schwarz? We’ll show you the ropes!

Gatecrash Pre-Release Weekend with STG and Adventures!

Holy cow, it’s 2013! WHERE AM I!? It’s a new year and with it comes something new for our store — our very first Magic the Gathering Pre-Release event! We here at STG are teaming up with Adventures Underground to bring you a weekend of Gatecrash – the latest and greatest* Magic the Gathering set.

The Gatecrash Pre-reCrash Bash!

We’ll be providing snacks and drinks at our event, which is set to go pretty late. We’re doing limited signups (20 competitors) and the $30 registration is open RIGHT NOW. If you have any questions regarding the event(s) be sure to let us know either on here or in store.

*As proven in Scientific Proof Magazine – Vol. 6 – January, 1997

This Just In! ~ A December to Remember: SO MANY GOODIES!

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who made our Thanksgiving week sale such a huge success! It was crazy busy. :D December is finally here, and with it comes a few new additions to the store. For this edition of “This Just In”, there are figures abound, along with a handful of other random surprises!

Sound Banks!

We recently acquired some nifty Mario Sound Banks. There’s several different blocks and they make different Mario sounds every time you insert a coin. Excellent stocking stuffers!

A freshly stocked figure case.

Our collectible figure case is absolutely filled to the MAX. Check some of the figures we recently picked up, below!

Robotics;Notes / Katana Gatari / Accel World

Robotics;Notes is one of the most recent animes to enter the world of Weiss Schwarz. We also snagged a few more boxes of Accel World, and the excellent Katana Gatari.

Come learn how to play!

Sarah and I recently set up a new “demo” table up front, so we can teach people how to play Magic, Weiss Schwarz, or whatever really! If you ever want to play a game with us, and we’re not too busy, we have a cozy little spot now!

Anime, filled to the brim.

Last week we had a huge variety of new animes show up at the store. If you’re looking for a new series to watch, be sure to check them out.

New sleeveseseseses!

Our ever growing selection of imported card sleeves saw a few new additions this week. Robotics;Notes (perfect for your R;N Weiss Schwarz decks!) and Atelier Totori/Meruru sleeves are available now!

Karen Ararararararagi Figma

Instead of taking pictures of figures in the boxes this week, I thought I’d just post some professional ones ~ here’s the Karen Araragi Figma from Bake/Nisemonogatari.

KOS-MOS, of Xenosaga fame.

I never made it all the way to Xenosaga Episode III, so this KOS-MOS related Figma kind of fascinates me. Makes me want to pick those games up again.

Persona 2's Lisa

For the Persona fan in your life, we have this lovely Lisa figure from Persona 2!

The cutest Rorona, EVER.

The Atelier series has produced many an adorable figure, but maybe none as cute as this particular Rorona one. A favorite of Sarah’s!


Last but not least is this wonderful Nendoroid of Himari from Mawaru Penguindrum. Such an amazing series!

Well that just about covers everything from the last week or so. Hope everyone is having a safe and fun holiday shopping season so far, and we’ll see you around!

STG’s Turkey Week Bonanza + Gift Cards!

Here’s our “ad” for our Thanksgiving sale. Feel free to print out a copy and put in inside your newspaper to get the FULL EFFECT!!! (Click to enlarge, eh!)


One of the things we’re most excited about are the addition of Gift Cards to the STG sales repertoire. Currently we have them in $10.00, $25.00, and $50.00 quantities. Ask an associate for more details!

Gift Carrrrrrrds!

This Just In! ~ More Weiss and Import Gameses

Today’s “This Just In!” sees a bunch of random stuff, including a bunch more Weiss Schwarz sets, import games, boxed Intellivision games, and more!

Weiss Schwarz draws near!

As far as new Weiss Schwarz stuff goes, we got in the following sets: Persona 3, Da Capo III, Idolmaster – The Anime, Accel World, Rebuild of Evangelion, Angel Beats Vol. 1 & 2, Familiar of Zero f (Extra Boosters), Fate/Zero, Madoka, and more Guilty Crown. Phew!

Dragon Quest draws near!

An army of Dragon Quest draws near! Command?

Intellivision draws near!

Boxed Intellivision games? Me gusta!

Penguins draw near!

Amazing Mawaru Penguindrum stackers. IMAAAAAAAAGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE what you could do with them!

Imports draw near!

Various random import games for the Saturn and Dreamcast!

Moekana draws near!

More of Danny Choo‘s Moekana. This time boosters that come with a Weiss Schwarz Mirai promo card. :D

Idolm@ster draws near!

Nendoroid Petite Idolm@ster 2! Sarah and I snuck a couple for ourselves. I got Azusa, and she got Ami (or Mami… lol).

Chibi Alphonse draws near!

Some excellent character straps from Full Metal Alchemist. Chibi Alphonse SPOTTED!

That’s all for this week – until next time!

Sunken Treasures Games ~ Now with Miku!

Today, Sunken Treasures Games had a very special guest, courtesy of “Project Diva f” for the Playstation Vita – Hatsune Miku!


Through the magic of Project Diva f for the Playstation Vita, famed idol Miku was able to take a stroll through our store today. ^^;


That’s the same face we make when we see our Marvel vs. Capcom 2 machine, as well.


Surveying our wares.


SARAHBOT-9000 (admittedly, a big fan of Miku) snags a *nyan* photo with the famous idol!

Incidentally the game itself is amazing, and if you’re a vocaloid fan with a Vita it’s definitely worth the price to import. Now just another 5 months until the Project Diva Weiss Schwarz set… *drool*

This Just In! ~ DaiJapan Shipment Edition of SO MUCH STUFF!*

Today we got in our first shipment from one of our new distributors in Japan. There’s so much crazy awesome stuff, our minds were blown.

Shipment o' Stuffs!

A large portion of our biggest shipment of crazy awesome stuff from Japan ever.

Shipment o' Stuffs!

Chocolate Mario Eggs, Evangelion Drinks, Danny Choo‘s educational “Moekana”, sleeves and so much more!

Shipment o' Stuffs!

Fate/Zero WeiB Schwarz cards, and the incredible new Accel World Nendoroid on top of some adorable Shana trading figures. — at Sunken Treasures Games.

Shipment o' Stuffs!

Saber Lily and some excellent Teddy keychains from Persona 4! — at Sunken Treasures Games.

Shipment o' Stuffs!

More Evangelion energy drinks (in support of the 3rd movie). — at Sunken Treasures Games.

Shipment o' Stuffs!

Symphogear Figma! — at Sunken Treasures Games.

Shipment o' Stuffs!

PANDA BANK. Place you change in front of Mr. Panda and watch in horror and he steals it (to store it for safe keeping). . . — at Sunken Treasures Games.

WeiB Schwarz Regionals REPORT!

This past Saturday (October 20th), we here at Sunken Treasures Games held our first ever official WeiB Schwarz Regionals Tournament!

WS Regionals!  Let's do this!

We had an excellent turn out and a huge variety of decks. First up, here’s the placing of our top 8 contestants:

1st – Quintin Pettichord – “All Your Madoka are Belong to Us!” – Madoka Magica
2nd – Danille McPheron – “Battle Against Angel” – Angel Beats
3rd – Kyson Lamoreau – “That Gai” – Guilty Crown
4th – Aaron Cherney – “Binders Full of Detectives” – Detective Opera Milky Holmes
5th – Zack Kiser – “Raining Cats and Dogs” – Dog Days
6th – Kieran Thomsen – “Da Capo III Trial Deck” – Da Capo
7th – Sean McIntyre – “OTOO-SAN!!” – New Evangelion
8th – Ryan Lum – “Madoka Pre-Con” – Madoka Magica

After we finished Part 1 of the tournament we all took a short dinner break (Little Caesars Pizza and WinCo. Sub Sandwiches for the win!) and everyone took a few moments to chat with their opponents.

In addition to the decks above Idolm@ster, Little Busters, Robotic;Notes and a few others were featured throughout the day.

Big thanks go out to everyone who participated and made the event such a huge success. We’re probably going to start hosting monthly tournaments as a result! ^^ For more information about these upcoming tournaments stay tuned to as we’re putting together a schedule to post a.s.a.p.!

And with that, here are a handful of photos from the event!

Battling for supremacy!

We had a great time playing and chatting with everyone.

Enjoying the expanded play area.

Thank goodness we expanded our play area a couple months ago, or we wouldn’t have been able to fit everybody!

Some many different decks!

Some of the decks featured were Madoka, Railgun, Evangelion, Angel Beats, Idolm@ster, Milky Holmes, Little Busters, Robotic;Notes, Guilty Crown and more!

An excellent home made playmat

An excellent home made Guilty Crown playmat. So impressive!

The Grand Finals

In the Grand Finals it was Angel Beats vs. Madoka.

The cream of the crop!

The top 3. The cream of the crop. Way to go you guys!

Halo 4 a Good Cause ~ Food Drive + Tournament

As Halo 4 approaches so too does Thanksgiving! Well in the spirit of giving, we here at Sunken Treasures are proud to announce our next food drive / video game tournament – Halo 4 a Good Cause!

Halo 4 a Good Cause!

Join us on Friday, November 9th at 5 p.m. to partake in a veritable tournament of champions! Last year’s HALO-ween Massacre was a huge success, as we were able to donate a hefty amount of food to the Richland Food Bank. This year we’re hoping (with your help) to double our previous efforts.

Entry fee for the tournament will be $5.00 plus at least 1 of your favorite non-parishable food items.

The tournament will be run very similarly to last year’s HALO-ween Massacre, and based on a points system. And just as with last year’s tourney, expect dozens of different (and very wacky) gameplay variants!

We really look forward to hosting this event, and will be starting signups for the tournament later this week. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below or contact us at the store ~ 509-943-4564 /

To join the event on Facebook, clicky here!