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[Games of the Year™ that I played last year, 2017 Edition!]

2017 has come and gone and I managed to play a whole lot of games, a lot of them alongside my son/trusty sidekick Dean! In June I did a progress report documenting all of the games I’d played up to that point in the year and ultimately I ended up completing about 30 games. As […]

It’s Been Too Long! (A Post About Starting Over)

Let’s talk about starting over. We’ve all done it at least once in our gaming lives. You start a game only to get distracted and set it aside for a while, and when you finally get back to it you can’t remember where you are, what you were doing, or how to even play the […]

Gamer Verboseness – Yakuza and Tokyo

Getting back on a normal sleeping schedule after an overseas vacation has proven to be a challenge for me. Not that I’m complaining – not at all. Our trip to Tokyo was definitely worth the 3am bedtime I’ve been keeping since we got home. Most of my first day back to work has been spent […]

Game Handles – A Detailed History and a New Beginning

Something that’s always fascinated me throughout my years of multiplayer gaming, is the selection of game handles. For some people it’s a very nonchalant decision, as simple as typing in the first word that comes to mind, but for others it’s a painstaking process that bears some pretty hefty consideration. Nowadays I fall into the […]

Baseball, Whales, and Verboseness

This weekend was a perfect weekend for games. TheCherneymin, his parents, nephew (Kartman), and myself went to Seattle for Friday and Saturday’s Mariner’s games against the Red Sox. This would account for the quiet website over the last few days. Vacations are a great time for gaming, I think. Late nights spent at the hotel […]

Gamer Verboseness – Watching Games

I for one, love watching people play games. This all started when Aaron and I first started dating. He was trying to get me interested in console games so he started up Final Fantasy X we took turns playing it. For a while we would swap the controller back and forth every so often, but […]