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[Games of the Year™ that I played last year, 2017 Edition!]

2017 has come and gone and I managed to play a whole lot of games, a lot of them alongside my son/trusty sidekick Dean! In June I did a progress report documenting all of the games I’d played up to that point in the year and ultimately I ended up completing about 30 games. As […]

Dragon Quest VII: The Blurb of the Forgotten Blog

Hello everyone, Aaron (MoosiferX) here. So! It’s been a little while since I popped on here to write about video games, but as I sit here at the store ~ pining to return home and fire up Dragon Quest VII for what’s been a 2 week marathon gaming session ~ I figured I’d blurb a […]

MoosiferX’s Game Log 2014

Hey there peoples! Happy 2015! This past year, in an effort to see how much gaming I’m actually getting in, I decided to make a log of all of the games I had the opportunity to play. They’re split up into 2 basic catagories: “Games I played a TON of/Completed” and “Games I started/re-started!” All […]

What’cha Been Playing – Fortune Street (Wii & iOS)

To be honest, I would rather be playing this game than writing about it. I’d really rather be playing this game than doing just about anything else. It’s just that much fun to me! Fortune Street was developed by Square Enix and released on the Nintendo Wii in 2011. It’s a monopoly style board game […]

Whatcha Been Playing – Sorcery Saga

Every once in a while a game will come out and be so different from what I’m currently playing or have played that I drop everything I’m doing and play it. One game in particular that gave me this reaction was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. I had never played a Pokemon game before […]

What’cha Been Playing – Dragon Fantasy

Games with 2D graphics are my favorite and are something that I can talk on and on about. The graphics are charming, simple yet beautiful music, and the large amount of text to read is something I just can’t get enough of. All the details that would go into creating each little area of a […]

What’cha Been Watchin’ ~ Love Live

In the spirit of Anime Week I wanted to do a post about some anime I’m watching. I have been watching quite a bit of it lately so I’m really excited to share it with you! For starters Love Live! is a musical anime about a group of girls who form an “idol” group to […]

Yakuza: Dead Souls

My love of SEGA’s Yakuza series has been well documented ~ through the good times and the bad. I remember the disappointment I felt when I heard Yakuza 3 would be coming to America without Hostesses; and the man-tears that were shed during the climactic finale of Yakuza 2. I remember playing through Yakuza 1 […]

What’cha Been Playing: Gravity Rush

My Playstation Vita did a bit of dust-collecting since buying it while I waited for some of its killer apps to become available in the US. Soon, my patience was rewarded with Gravity Rush. Once we got copies in stock, I was quick to snatch one up for myself! The Vita Had some fun stuff […]

Lollipop Chainsaw – First Impressions!

I went into Lollipop Chainsaw (the latest game from mastermind/mad-man developer Goichi Suda) understanding that what I was about to play was going to be completely over the top. Borderline silly, even. I expected fast action and a metric ton of cheese. I figured that any plot I was about to experience would be almost […]