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[Games of the Year™ that I played last year, 2017 Edition!]

2017 has come and gone and I managed to play a whole lot of games, a lot of them alongside my son/trusty sidekick Dean! In June I did a progress report documenting all of the games I’d played up to that point in the year and ultimately I ended up completing about 30 games. As […]

MoosiferX’s Game Log 2014

Hey there peoples! Happy 2015! This past year, in an effort to see how much gaming I’m actually getting in, I decided to make a log of all of the games I had the opportunity to play. They’re split up into 2 basic catagories: “Games I played a TON of/Completed” and “Games I started/re-started!” All […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Japanese Hobby Stuffs

With Christmas just around the corner, we know how hard it can be to pick out something for somebody when you know little to nothing about their favorite hobby. If somebody were to ask me to purchase a gift for their friend who’s REALLY into shuffleboarding, I would certainly be at a loss. That said, […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Video Games!

With Black Friday and Small Business Saturday successfully behind us, I thought I would share some games that you might find interesting as gifts for this holiday season. We have been buying a ton of games and not all of them get their time in the spot light. For this reason, I picked games that […]

What’cha Been Watchin’: Iroquois’ Picks

I’ve been watching quite a lot of anime lately, especially a lot of new releases that have come out in the last year or so. So, since we have Anime Week currently going on, I’ll share a couple that have stood out for me! JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure JoJo has by far been my favorite anime […]

Iroquois’ Top 10 Picks from 2011!

2011 was quite a year for gaming, which I’m sure is no secret to all of you. We had a steady stream of both triple-A and indie titles through the months which rose to a climax of dozens of great titles in the last two months of the year. Many of these games were played […]

Top 5 reasons to visit STG during your Post Turkey Shop-ocalypse!

There’s a lot more than just 5 reasons to swing by Sunken Treasures Games on the day after Thanksgiving, but here are 5 of bestest ones! #5 – Plushies! There’s no greater gift than something soft and fluffy. We currently have several different types of plushies in stock right now including (but not limited to) […]

A Dreamcast-a-thon for the Dreamcast’s Birthday

Yesterday, September 9th, was the Sega Dreamcast’s 12th birthday! We celebrated by having a Dreamcast-a-thon. Did anyone else celebrate? Jet Grind Radio Dynamite Cop!

What’cha Been Playing – KnittedFox’s June & July Edition

Despite the busy schedule I have been keeping running the store, I have been able to get a wee bit of gaming in. It’s all handheld gaming, and most of it is on the iPod Touch. Thank goodness for games that are easy to play in quick bursts! Without them I wouldn’t be getting any […]

Pixel Dreams – My Favorite Bedtime Video Game Tunes

Have you ever gone to sleep after a marathon gaming session and continued the adventure in your dreams? I’m sure just about everybody has experienced this in some shape/form. Vivid deams of fighting futuristic wars, strategerizing historic battles, or even trying to farm that one last diamond block usually make for an interesting night’s sleep. […]